Referral Information
Archbishop Damiano School

Walk Through - As with any choice in life sometimes it's nice to look at the options before making a decision. Archbishop Damiano School is happy to set up visits for district personnel and/or prospective parents. To schedule a visit contact the Principal, Kate Flynn at 856-848-4700, extension 1152, by e-mail at

Referrals - Archbishop Damiano School is currently accepting referrals for all grade levels. Referrals should be directed to the Principal, Kate Flynn at 856-848-4700, extension 1152, by e-mail at

Scheduling Observations, Evaluations or Meetings - To schedule an observation, evaluation session, or meeting for a district student enrolled in Archbishop Damiano School contact Frances Megahan at ext. 1208 or Elaine Gavin at ext. 1107.

SEMI/APA/DLM Questions - The Assistant Principal, Dr. Greg Zink, serves as Archbishop Damiano School's SEMI and Assessments Coordinator. Greg can be reached 856-848-4700, extension 1173, or by e-mail at

Tuition/Contract Questions - Sending districts with tuition or contract questions should contact Jane Gaudreau, in the Business Office, at 856-848-4700 x1105 or by e-mail at . Our 2018- 2019 tuition rate, as set by the New Jersey Department of Education, is $248.18 per diem. The rate for 1:1 assistants for the 2018-2019 school year is $172.08. Our tuition ratel remains among the lowest in New Jersey for an approved school for students with disabilities, making Archbishop Damiano School a cost effective option.

ConnectivityThe Westville Grove campus has full wireless coverage. While on campus if you need to connect with your district's network, or find information on the Internet, you will be able to log in to our network as a guest. Please contact the Assistant Principal, Dr. Greg Zink (x1173), for the log on password. Guest passwords are time limited so make sure to check with Dr. Zink to make sure that you have the latest password.

Early Intervention

If you live in Gloucester County and are interesting in having your child evaluated by a member of our Early Intervention Program, please call 1-888-653-4463.

To inquire about direct services in Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland County, please call (856) 848-4700, ext. 1106.

Adult Services

If you would like to enroll yourself or a loved one into a program offered by our adult services, please contact the following state divisions for a referral. 

  • Vocation Rehabilitation - Division of Vocation Rehabilitation. Please contact the local office in the county in which you reside.
  • ALPS ( Adult Lifestyle Planning Services) - Division of Developmental Disabilities, toll free: 800.832.9173