COVID-19 UPDATE: Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Effective immediately, all Clients and Coworkers must wear a mask and follow screening protocols. Everyone will have a temperature check upon arrival. Please ensure the following:

  1. If a client feels unwell or exhibits any symptoms (even if thought to be "allergies''),  they must stay home.
  2. If anyone in the household is unwell or tests positive, the client must not report to the program. Clients who come to the program while ill will need to be picked up and taken home.
  3. All breaks and lunches will remain in program areas. 

Everyone must follow these protocols to lessen the chance of spreading infection.

Prosper Fulfillment Center

The Prosper Fulfillment Center offers a number of services to accommodate our adults with disabilities, we provides skill development and training for those with special needs who are seeking gainful employment in the community. Adults working within The Fulfillment Center receive training in light assembly, piece work, document shredding, food and janitorial services. Through contracts with our business partners, The Fulfillment Center provides adults with disabilities the opportunity to put in a full day's work and collect a paycheck.

Along with The Fulfillment Center, community job placement and support for adults with disabilities is also available at St. John of God Community Services through a referral for funding from the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Contact an office of the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services in your county for more information on how to obtain a referral.


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Programs Supported by The Fulfillment Center


  • Extended Employment (EE) - Designed to provide long term employment for adults with disabilities
  • Supported Employment (SE) - On-going support services provided to an individual. This program is aimed at providing long term assistance and follow-along services to adults with disabilities within The Fulfillment Center or out into the community.
  • Pre-vocational Evaluation (PVE) - A comprehensive, individualized and systematic process, in which an individual, in partnership with the evaluator and DVRS counselor, learns to identify vocational options consistent with his or her abilities, capabilities, preferences and interests and develop employment goals and objectives. 

If you would like to enroll yourself or a loved one into a program offered by our adult services, please contact the following state divisions for a referral. 

  • Vocation Rehabilitation - Division of Vocation Rehabilitation. Please contact the local office in the county in which you reside.

Fore more information on The Fulfillment Center at St. John of God Community Services, please contact Kim Quigley, Director of Adult Services at KQuigley@sjogcs.org or call 856-848-4700, ext. 1116.


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