Parents and Guardians
Registration & Tuition
Full program 6:30 am to 6:00 pm Half day program (5 hours) Morning Session: 7:00 -12:00; Afternoon Session-11:30- 4:30. 
Daily Activities
Our classroom environment is designed to meet the individual needs of the children in the group. The daily schedule alternates quiet/active activities. Some activities are done as a group and others are done individually. Within any given day, the student will have experiences that are designed to improve their cognitive, speech, social- emotional, fine motor, gross motor and self-help skills.
We provide a light breakfast (arrival before 8:30), morning and afternoon snack Please provide a nutritious lunch for children who stay for 5 hours or all day.
Consistent attendance is important so that students benefit fully from our program. As much as we want to see your child each day, we do not want him/her to come to school sick. We ask that you respect this policy for the good of all the children enrolled in the program. More details can be found in the Parent Book.
Health Record
All children must have an annual health form completed by a physician and kept in his or her health file at school. Immunization records are to be kept up to date throughout the year.
Late Pick Up
If circumstances arise that you are unable to arrive on time, please make arrangements to have back up coverage for pick up. There is an additional charge of $1.00 for every minute up to 10 minutes: after 10 minutes it is $2.00 for every minute the child is picked up after the designated time.
Emergency Closing
Emergency closing due to inclement weather or building emergency is announced on the radio and TV stations. St John of God, HWG families are signed up to a communication service; School Messenger. The company provides notifications about emergency closings, and general announcements. In addition to the radio, TV announcements, and School Messenger notifications the main phone number will have closing announcements. Snow closing numbers: for Gloucester County #830.
Diaper Changing/Toilet Training
Please send in diapers and wipes with your child if they are not yet toilet trained. We will make every effort to work with you and your child on toilet training.
Release of Children
Children will be released to the child's custodial parent(s) or to person(s) authorized in written form by the custodial parent(s), including name, address, and phone number which will be kept on file. Children will be released to the authorized person when the person shows a photo identification card. Please inform staff at drop-off that someone out of the norm will be picking your child up. More details can be found in the Parent Book.
Recall List
The Consumer product Safety Commission provides an ongoing, up-to-date list of consumer products that have been recalled for safety issues. These items can be of particular significance for parents with babies and young children. Recent items on the list have been a baby stroller that could break and collapse, a toddler hoodie that poses a choking hazard and furniture that could tip over entrapping or crushing a child. To access the recall list to go